We're here to help you with your self-storage needs...

Are you finding it hard to manage your office space? Can’t get the car in the garage at home? We understand, and we have the right sized self-storage unit to meet your needs.

  • Safely store your personal items or your business paperwork in our locked and secure units

  • Have 24-hour access, every day of the year, to all of your possessions

  • From as little as one month to as long as you need, Summit Self Storage, LLC is a cost-effective and flexible solution for all your storage needs

Storage Tips

A smaller, well packed unit will cost less than a larger one that is not organized, so consider these tips:

  • Use wooden pallets or boards beneath furniture and boxes. This will help prevent condensation damage.
  • Label all boxes clearly. Place items that will not be needed toward the rear of the unit, and needed items closest to the door.
  • Leave a small air space between the stored items and the wall of the storage unit for ventilation.
  • Leave a path down the center of your unit to make accessing items easier.
  • Be careful when covering items with plastic. Plastic doesn’t “breathe” and could promote moisture resulting in mold, mildew, or rust.
  • Do NOT store these items: firearms or explosives, any food or perishable items, any living things, or any hazardous or flammable material (including gas, oil, or paint).


Price /month Size What can fit in this space?
$40.00 5x10 washer & dryer, desk & patio furniture
$50.00 10x10 contents of a small bedroom, or 1 bedroom apartment
$75.00 10x20 contents of a one car garage or four bedroom apartment or house
$95.00 10x28 furnishings of a 3-5 bedroom home, or contents of a 1 & 1/2 car garage
$135.00 20x20 Automobile/Truck, appliances, patio furniture, contents of a 2 car garage
  • Unit sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only. Spaces may be larger or smaller than advertised. Spaces are not rented by the square foot and rent is not based on square-foot measurements.

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